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No, not "Cousin Geri" from The Facts of Life....Geri the Minivan! That's right...he's finally here. After a couple of months of waiting, I have been blessed with my first minivan. Of course, it's a company car, so it's pretty much free...I can't complain much.

I had to admit something: I totally LOVE this thing! Damnit! I want to hate it with my entire being, but I just can't. It has a ton of room, a 22 gallon tank (which I don't pay to fill up!), and has a nice ride and drive to it. It's silver with gray interior...keepin' it classy.

Anyway, I just wanted to share news of my new family member. The entire family (me, Allison, Emma, & Belle the dog) is heading to Little Rock this weekend. We finally get to take 1 vehicle, so we're pretty excited. Our first family trip with Geri!

I've had several questions regarding the name "Geri". I did not name it for Cousin Geri from the Facts of Life (I will not make any retarded jokes here...but I really, really want to). I'm a deep guy, so I needed a car name with a deep meaning. So, Geri's name comes from the Greek root "Geros", meaning 'old man'. It is where we get our words Geritol and Geriatrics.

We took the family to Little Rock in Geri this past weekend. It was the first time since Emma was born that the entire family (me, wife, baby, and dog) traveled together to Little Rock. Usually, Allison and Emma go down there in her car, and Belle and I go in my car. Now, we all fit comfortably with tons of spare room. Geri has some get-up-and-go, too, which I didn't expect. Overall, I'm totally head over heels for Geri. Whodathunk?

4 Responses to “Introducing Geri!”

  1. # Blogger Grant

    Come to Grace for church! Come to Grace for church!! 10.30 am....

    Come to Narnia!!!

    then let's all grab lunch afterwards!!  

  2. # Blogger Spencer


  3. # Blogger Wayne

    Whatever you do, stay AWAY from Grace Church -- j/k -- Go, I won't be there it'll only be half a service.

    Congrats on the new arrival -- it's always nice when the gas/insurance/etc is subsidized!  

  4. # Blogger MCF

    Cool car. Hey, Merry Christmas!  

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