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I've seen lots of people changing up their templates recently on their blogs. Since I'm an avid-Google adopter, I've recently started using Google Pages, a website design application. It's OK, and Blogger/Blogger Beta is not integrated into very well yet.

All of this to say: I'm moving. That's right! I'm 1-upping everyone's template changes and switching to the new Blogger Beta and linking it off my new homepage! Take that, lemmings!

So, I guess you'll need to re-bookmark my site to 1) Google Pages or 2) my Beta blog.

I'm gonna miss the old Nellie Spot...but the winds of change are blowing, and I must float with breeze.

Well, I'm a sucker for Beta projects. And since Google rarely ever gets any of their projects OUT of Beta, I have a LOT of beta projects I'm using.

Blogger Beta is out, and it allows tagging your posts, and some other things. So in the spirit of technological advances, I'm moving the TV Addicts blog to the Beta version (so you can search for your favorite shows!). Also, if you'd like to be part of the TV Addicts team, let me know. The more the merrier!

Check it out here.

This past Saturday, Allison, Emma, and I and Allison's parents went to eat breakfast at Common Grounds on Dickson, then headed up to the Fayetteville Square for the Farmer's Market. I don't know what it is about the Farmer's Market that I like so much, but I really love it. Rarely do I buy anything. It's great people-watching, and a subculture all to itself. It's fascinating. Below are some pictures I took of Emma while we were there. This was the first time she's ever had a Hog painted on her face. She sat extremely still for the lady, which was impressive. Of course, the lady also had her in a death grip around the throat, so I'm not sure if Emma could move, even if she wanted to. We also saw Murray & Megan Williams while we were there, which is always a treat. I also became fascinated with two girls playing in a tree. I snapped several pictures of them, which reminded me of wonderful childhood memories of playing in trees. I posted them in my photography group on Picasa Web Pages if you want to check them out.

Tonight, we took Emma to the Razorback Pep Rally at the Greek Theater on the U of A campus. We were joined by Benton & Jenny Beth Walker, Brett & Jayme Walker, and Finley & Brooke Robinson. And of course the kids: Emma, Ben & Whitlee, Molly, and Elle & Silas (respectively).

Emma was SUPER stoked to see the cheerleaders and the band. When we got there, her eyes were crazy big and her mouth agape watching all the drunken frat boys make loud noises. Ah college...I'm glad I'm an adult now.

We took a lot of pictures (shown below), and had an absolutely great time. Emma danced her little heart out and watched the band and cheerleaders at all times. Benton pointed out the lead majorette at one point because she was spinning her baton around her neck and under her arms, without touching it! Kind of like a hula hoop, but much more impressive. She also twirled fire, which is always pretty awesome. All the kids called the Hogs with the raving lunatics that we are to consider "the future of this great country". By the time the rally was winding down, the kids were pretty wiped out from all the excitement and energy loss from dancing frantically for 45 minutes. All in all, it was a pretty great I'm sure Emma will be talking about nonstop for the next 2 weeks. Here are the pics: (you can see Ben Walker checking out Emma's panties while she's dancing in one's pretty awesome)

Thank God it's college football season again! Granted, I know very little about football. I know there's a guy that throws the football, some guys that keep the other team from killing the guy throwing the football, and a guy trying to catch the football (or run the ball, in the HOGS' case). And the kicker...there's a kicker guy, too.

Regardless of my knowledge of college football, I sure do love watching and going to Hog Football games! I don't know why, really...we're not all that good (blame Nutt?). Tonight, Allison and I are taking Emma to the pep rally which should be lots of fun. I'll try to post some pics tomorrow on my Picasa Web Albums page. I'm still hunting for some tickets to tomorrow's game, so if you have any, call me.

The only thing I REALLY care to see at tomorrow's game is the intro video, where they spin the USC helmet around, then a giant Razorback hoof comes crushing down on it! That gets my blood going and makes me feel alive!!!! GO HOGS GO!

I went out for a ride again with some co-workers last night. Same loop as last time: 22 miles. This time, however, it was 20 degrees cooler (85 instead of 105), much less wind, and I had water with me. Needless to say, this ride was much easier than the last time.

I didn't fall, but that's due to the fact that I only stopped 1 time. Last time, I fell trying to get my left foot locked into the pedal, and when I lost momentum, I just fell over. I climbed all the hills successfully. All in all, I'd say I'm getting better. And that's good, since you can burn a crazy amount of calories in a long ride.

My next goal: 40 miles.

That's right, I'm now a freaking Hurricane, baby!

Oh yeah...I just laid out, flipped it, and reversed it!

Since the Johnson Slogans went over so well, I've decided to pull out a new contest. The kind of contests where you don't win anything at all for winning.

Allison and I are expecting a baby girl around October 13th. Allison wants her to come out sooner, but I've told the baby to stay in there until AFTER the LOST season premier. Selfish? Yes. Do I care? No...I want to see LOST from my house, not in the hospital. I digress.

The problem we are having is a name...we have tons of boy names picked out, but very few girl names. So here's your chance to name our next baby! Odds are highly against us actually using the name the winner picks. But until we name her something else, you can just keep hoping that we'll actually name her that.

So, what good girl names do y'all have for us? And no, Delilah cannot be submitted.

I'm a man.

I'm a man with facial hair that has to be shaved.

I'm a man with facial hair that has to be shaved with a Gillette Razor.
And that's no Schick.

I'm a man that has used the Mach 3 since it's arrival on the market, and loved it. My face loved it. My facial hair hated it (because it worked very well). However, I've recently tried out the new Fusion razor. 4 blades on the main face, and 1 on the back to grab that difficult to reach under-nose area. The first few times, as usual, it hurt a bit to use it. My face wasn't accustomed to the blade. I had a little bit of razor burn, and for some strange reason, my face broke out a lot more (gotta love pimples!). But I'm a fair man, so I gave the Fusion a couple of weeks to see if my skin familiarized itself with the razor and become battle-hardend.

I'm here to tell you: my face goes mach 3. My face doesn't like fusion: the scientific kind, or the razor. So I have made the switch back to my mach 3, much to my face's delight. The smooth, wonderful feel of 3 blades was received so much better than the brutal 4 blades. Apparently, my face has a limit to the number of blades you can run across it.

How's THAT for a random post!

Wow, we had some great comments for the Johnson campaign! Though some weren't specifically for my imaginary run for city council, they were great taglines and mottos that Johnson should adopt! Here are the comments, without names (to protect the righteous).

John Nelson for a bigger, better Johnson

John Nelson says, "Stop Sucking, Johnson!"

Exit 69: The Best Johnson Ever!

Johnson, a natural city of woods.

No one likes a dirty Johnson. Keep YOUR Johnson clean and beautiful. Say no to litter. (my personal favorite!)

John Nelson: Seriously, John Nelson...

John Nelson: For Truthiness, Speed Traps, and The Johnson Way...

Nelson: Keeping Johnson Somewhat Normal Since A Couple Of Days Ago...

John Nelson: The Only City Council Member That Wear Chaps To Every Meeting...

Johnson: Where the trains aren't the only things that are long.

Johnson: We don't need no stinking stoplights!

Johnson: The only place in America where you can be mayor, chief of police, animal control, and code enforcement at the same time.

Johnson: Where sheet metal buildings never go out of style. (my 2nd favorite!)

Johnson: Small town America so small the cops don't have anywhere to hide.

John Nelson: Johnson needs a new member. (My 3rd favorite)

Make Johnny work for your Johnson.

J.T. Nelson: Hard on Johnson, good on you.

Many people don't know who Maynard Freguson was. However, most people have heard at least one song by him. Maynard was one of the greatest jazz trumpeters of all time, and he died Wednesday night. The song you probably know? He's the trumpet player from Rocky's theme song.

As a trumpeter, I was required to listen to MF before joining the Jazz Band in Junior High and High School. I wasn't too big on jazz back then, but his masterful skills were something to stand in awe of. According to the MSNBC article, someone in his family, just after he died, said "Gabriel, move over to second trumpet". Now, that's geeky. Even as a trumpeter, I think that's geeky. However, if you've heard MF play, then you know he'll be giving Gabriel a run for his money.

Ok, though I may not REALLY be running for Johnson City Council, it sure is fun to act like it and to daydream about it! I just think it would be really fun to be able to list "City Council Member" on my resume!

Elton (via the Casa Verde Lounge) thought we should come up with some campaign slogans, which is a great idea! Here are a couple slogans I came up with:

"John Nelson for a bigger, better Johnson!"

"John Nelson says, 'Stop sucking, Johnson!'"

"Exit 69: The Best Johnson Ever"

Yes, I am going to go straight to hell in a handbasket...but it's oh so fun! If you have some good slogans for my totally fake campaign for Johnson City Council, leave them in the comments! If I use your slogan, I'll give you a free campaign button!

My sweet friends gave me a Baby Shower today and it was so fun. "Baby Girl" (she still doesn't have a name) received a lot of great gifts! They were also sweet enough to think of Emma and got her a fun gift as well. I brought it home for her and let her open it after her nap. I probably should preface this with that fact that Emma has been loving to play dress up and imagine herself doing all kinds of things. We are realizing that she has quite an imagination for a 2 1/2 year old. Anyway, inside was a new ballerina outfit, ballet shoes and a magic wand. She has only taken it off briefly since she opened it up. The crown (which is already broken) was a gift from my Mom this week. Here are the promised pictures of Emma in her new favorite dress up outfit. You might be seeing her in this again come October 31st!!
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